Majvillan | Wallpaper Samples

Majvillan | Wallpaper Samples


Create a magical world full of love in your child’s bedroom with a Majvillan wallpaper. If your’e struggling to choose between them or want to check colours and quality before you commit to purchase then samples are perfect for you, choose five different wallpapers and make a note of them in the checkout.

The wallpaper is made at Sweden’s oldest wallpaper print house using traditional technology with the latest innovations to ensure a manufacturing process as eco friendly as possible. It’s easy to handle, just apply glue to the wall and it will transform your room in no time!

** This product will be sent direct from the manufacturer with an estimated delivery of 8-10 days **

Product Details

Quality | Printed on non-woven material | Colours water-based and completely free from solvents and PVC | Excess colour is managed in an environmentally sound manner and paper waste is converted into heat | The wallpaper has a very beautiful surface where you can feel the colour structure with the bare hand

Size | A4

Origin | Designed by Charlotta Sandberg | Made in Sweden

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